Rotasyon Kısıtlamalı Tibial Komponent

Rotasyon Kısıtlamalı Tibial Komponent

Sabit olan modellerinde anterior ve posterior kilitleme yapması, dislokasyon imkanını en aza indirir.

Constrained High Density Tibial Insert

Constrained High Density Tibial Insert

Anatomic and non-anatomic options are available in Fixed and Mobile tibial inserts.


Adremed® Group Health Services Medical Construction Industry Trade Limited Company

Our company founder started its activities in the health sector in 2003 and with years of experience, established Adremed® Group company in 2012 and showed its permanence in the sector. He concentrated his activities in orthopaedics and traumatology, and established his sales and service orginazation with his profesional staff in a short time.

Adremed® Group has become able to compete with companies that are among the world’s leaders in its field in a short period of time.

By combining artroplasty and trauma products with dynamism, experience, quality continuity and trust arising from customer satisfaction, it has taken its place as the leading company in Turkey.

Adremed® Group started its business life in 2012 and started to produce “WIND®” artroplasty and trauma products by transfering its founder’s experience in domestic production to the medical sector.

Having retail sales and marketing network throughout Turkey, our company exports to many countries around the world.

The domestic production of artroplasty and trauma products has proved that Turkey has a more important share than imports.

Today Adremed® Group holds the leadership mission in the competetive market.


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